Why I was happy seeing my ex with someone new

I’m not much of a Facebook girl anymore. But the other night, I found myself mindlessly scrolling through it, paying minimal attention, until a familiar face popped up.

My ex … And his beaming smile next to the face of a girl who I had never seen before. What’s interesting is that when we broke up over a year ago, I had made the very conscious decision to disconnect from his entire social circle (even though I really liked all his friends) because I was trying to avoid this exact situation. But of course, Facebook decided to “suggest” her and I be friends. LOL, Facebook. Do better with your algorithms.

Anyway, after the initial heart-stop and a few cleansing deep breaths, I felt nothing. That’s it. Nothing. I went to sleep … I woke up the next morning … And life went on.

I share this because this was the ex I never thought I’d get over. This was the heartbreak that broke me to pieces. This was relationship that made me question everything and everyone after him. And we all have that one ex.

That next morning, I went for a run around a beautiful park. It was a 60 degree day in Denver (in the middle of January I might add). The sun was shining so bright. I had the view of snowcapped mountains in the distance. The warmth on my skin felt like pure bliss. And I couldn’t help but feel so much gratitude for this life I rebuilt.

I love where I live. I love the relationships I’ve formed. I love the community I’ve found. I love that I’m 10 minutes from the mountains and can go on lunchtime hikes during the workday. I love how fresh the air is here. I love the sunsets. And the sunrises. I love that I wake up every morning feeling so alive and so excited about the day.

Despite the whole world falling apart this past year, I’ve never been happier. Despite a global pandemic, I’ve never been healthier — Physically, emotionally, mentally. And despite being as single as I’ve ever been in the past 5 years, I’ve never been so in love … With my new life … With myself … With the freedom and the peace I finally feel in my heart.

And it took me seeing his picture to realize that if him and I stayed together, I would have never left Chicago.

For those who think you’ll never get over your ex, I promise you will. For those who think your heart will never heal, I promise it’ll get so strong. For those who think you’re stuck, you’re not. And for those who think it’s too late to start over, I promise you’re right on time.

Life is moving. Keep moving with it. There’s so much beauty to be discovered.

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